WWE Raw 10/10/22

The mischievous group will be at Raw this Monday to celebrate their 25th Anniversary in WWE.

With memorable moments such as the WCW Invasion, the DX Express, spray-painting WWE Headquarters, winning multiple titles and many more incidents we can’t mention here, D-Generation X has been a household name since its inception.

With all members now in the WWE Hall of Fame, what carnage and chaos will the legendary group bring to the Raw Season Premiere?

Bring out the glow sticks and get ready to watch the Raw Season Premiere with D-Generation X next Monday at 8/7 C on USA! And if you’re not down with that… well, you know the rest.

Watch WWE Raw 10/10/22 – October 10th, 2022 Full Show Online Replay Online Stay tuned with us to get more.

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