WWE NXT 4/12/22 – 12th April 2022 – HDTV – Watch Online

WWE NXT 4/12/22 – 12th April 2022 – HDTV – Watch Online

It’s another huge week around here as we have a series of title matches. This includes a guaranteed new champion as the vacant Tag Team Titles are on the line in a gauntlet match. Other than that, there are two title matches as the North American and Women’s Titles are on the line as well. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at Bron Breakker retaining the NXT Title over Gunther to send him to Smackdown, only to have Joe Gacy and Harland kidnap Breakker’s father Rick Steiner. Because of course they did.

Grimes is defending and misses a running kick to the face to start. Sikoa’s waistlock is countered into an armbar and Sikoa can’t do much to get out of it. The hold is finally broken up so they shake hands, though Grimes says Sikoa’s Bloodline can kiss his grits. An enziguri knocks Sikoa to the floor and the apron flip dive takes us to a break.

Back with Grimes hitting a bridging German suplex for two but the Cave In misses. Sikoa hits the running Umaga Attack in the corner for two and it’s time to slug it out. Grimes’ flipping powerslam gets two but Sikoa knocks him down again. The Superfly Splash is broken up by an invading Trick Williams, allowing Grimes (not sure if he saw Williams) to hit the Cave In to retain at 13:11.

Rose is defending and has the rest of Toxic Attraction with her. Kai goes straight at her to start but gets taken down, allowing Rose to pose. A crucifix gives Kai two and she hits a dropkick. Kai kicks Rose to the floor and there’s a big dive to take out the team. We take a break and come back with Rose working on a bodyscissors before choking in the corner.

The chinlock goes on but Kai fights out and hits a Russian legsweep for two. Rose misses a pump kick but manages a spinebuster for two of her own. Kai keeps up the pace with a small package for a knee fall, setting up the Kairopractor. Toxic Attraction offers a needed distraction though, allowing Rose to hit the running knee to retain at 10:48.

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