NJPW DOMINION 6.12 in OSAKA-JO HALL 2022 6/12/22 12th June 2022 HD Fullshow Online

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Watch NJPW DOMINION 6.12 in OSAKA-JO HALL 2022 6/12/22 – 12th June 2022 Full Show Online Free HD: By BollyRulez

New Japan Pro-Wrestling presented NJPW Dominion on Sunday, June 11th.

Juice Robinson was stripped of the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship due to his recent treatment for appendicitis. Will Ospreay will face SANADA for the vacant championship.

-The show opens with a video package that runs down the entire card, and a few of the pinfalls that led to tonight’s matchups.

United Empire were cornered by boxer Jessie Vargas, and Vargas was announced as a member of UE. Taguchi, Wato & Tenzan countered by coming out with former-IWGP Heavyweight Champion Manabu Nakanishi.

Akira got in Wato’s face before the bell, infuriating the young wrestler. The match was mainly a warm-up for the upcoming IWGP Jr. Tag Team Title defense on June 20th. TJP and Akira’s tandem offense was on point, as they brought a chaotic offense to the tag team champions, leaving Taguchi & Wato playing defense more often than offense..

Henare pummeled Taguchi with punches, as Vargas cheered him on and coached him on proper technique. TJP paid tribute to Shinjiro Otani with a series of face wash kicks.

Main Unit eventually took back control of the match but not for long. Akira and TJP once again unleashed a flurry of high impact offense on Wato & Taguchi, leaving both teams weary and beaten. It was up to Henare and Tenzan to battle it out for their teams.

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